GRC multi story building system

system Patent

GRC Bearing wall system

Our Mission

We are Arabian Construction House Group creating modern construction systems – Patent Registered – with sustainable smart green building specifications, by designing, fabricating and installing light weight prefab. Building made of Glass fiber Reinforced Concrete.

We are the first in developing this well-studied structural system which contain no steel, using 20% of the required cement amount for traditional building contracture systems.

We always make continuous structural development for our systems to achieve the vertical extensions and the high rise buildings

We are using the high structural abilities of the G.R.C To produce shell structure, searching and studding how to get the maximum results of the physical properties of this material to produce new productions using in wider ranges in building and construction industry in Egypt, Arabic world and African countries.

Our Vision

Looking forward for Industrial Institution according to International specifications to achieve the priority and Excellency in creating industry and caring out of integrated modern prefab construction systems , environmental friendly suitable for all environments and conditions , Can be constructed in shorter time lower in cost, more efficient than the Traditional building systems .

HighLighted PROJECTS